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Below are some pieces I have done over the years.  I use a lot of smudging and eraser strokes to create the effects in the pencil pieces.  These techniques are pretty much self taught, and I'm looking forward to learning a lot more when I return to school starting this fall.

The fourth piece is a collaboration done with my sweetheart, Conal, in 2004.  We used his graphics language, Pan, to create the infinite pathways design, then added the sunburst in the background to create the finished collage.  Conal taught me to cut mats, as well, and we created the double mat and framed the piece.  This piece is much cooler in person, as the intersecting paths continue into infinity.  The are only limited by the capability of the printer.  I liked the idea that there are an infinite number of paths to enlightenment, and that's what I think of when I look at it.

I have also created a gallery of some of Conal's artwork, which you can see here.

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Guy in a Sweater

"Guy in a Sweater"

Classic Marylin

"Classic Marilyn"

Road to God

"Road to God"

Not Bowie or Boris

"Not Bowie or Boris"

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