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Following are links to some of my favorite sites.  Enjoy!


Conal Elliott's home page - My sweetie's personal site.

Here is Conal with his new grandbaby, Audrey Michelle, born 11/27/05.  Audrey is the daughter of Conal's younger daughter, Charlotte.  Conal also has an older daughter, Becky, and two sons, Jake and Patrick.  For some more photos of Audrey, Charlotte and Conal, click here.


Awakening Compassion website - Check out our business site.

Conal and I have been developing a teaching, coaching and mediation practice in Compassionate Communication, also called Nonviolent Communication or NVC.  This link will take you to our website so you can see what it's all about.


Spirituality, Nonviolent Communication, etc.  (Okay, I'm not Buddhist, but I love this gif movie!)

The Center for Spiritual Living - Energetic and fun new thought church near Sand Point.

Seattle Unity Church - New thought church located near Dexter and Denny downtown.

CNVC - The Center for Nonviolent Communication, national organization for NVC.

PSNCC - Puget Sound Network for Compassionate Communication, the local Northwest organization for NVC.

CPS - The Center for Partnership Studies, website for the work of author and partnership activist Riane Eisler.



Random Fun Stuff:

Boing Boing - An informative and often hilarious blog about all sorts of wonderful things.

Craig's List - The Seattle area page for the trading of information and everything else under the sun.

Talk Like A Pirate Day- Argh, me hearties, here be all manner of silliness for sailors and landlubbers alike.

The Onion- I don't recommend viewing this site whilst enjoying a beverage, as you might end up with it spurting out your nose.  It's that funny.


How about some sailing sites!  Check these out:

Airloom.org - Home page of the sailboat I crew on.

48 North - Northwest sailing magazine.

Sloop Tavern Yacht Club - Venerable sailing club in Ballard.  Airloom's photo can be found on the wall of this fine establishment.

SWSA - Seattle Women's Sailing Association.

Duck Dodge - Ever wonder what all those sailboats were doing on Lake Union on Tuesday evenings?  You've just not sailed Seattle till you've done Duck Dodge, including the post-race raft up.



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